June 3, 2014

21 Weeks & Gender Reveal

How far along are you?  I am 21 weeks today! Crazy that I am already to the halfway point of this pregnancy! 

Gender: We had our gender reveal party this past Sunday. Before we did the reveal, we had everyone guess what they thought Baby Dukes would be. Lots thought boy and several thought girl! The ones who thought girl still were hoping it would be a boy! My husbands side of the family doesn't have very many boys,  so they were really hoping for a boy! We all agreed, gender doesn't matter as long as the baby is healthy. Still, its fun to guess and its exciting to find out! My entire pregnancy, Baby Dukes has had a higher heartbeat, pointing to a girl. I have been carrying very low and only in my belly for the entire time. In the last week or so, my belly has been sitting a little higher. At our last appointment, Baby Dukes' heart beat was 132, pointing to a boy! The Chinese gender predictor pointed to a girl. My skin is more oily, pointing to a girl. I have been craving lots of sweets, which also points to a girl. But, this entire time, I have felt like Baby Dukes' was a boy. The last week or so, I have been having dreams about baby girls, so that had me questioning things.

So, by the time Sunday arrived, I was really torn as to what the gender would be. I can't say I preferred one gender over another. I have always wanted a baby girl, but I would love to have a baby boy first too so my other children have an older brother looking out for them! I have also heard baby boys LOVE their mommies! Happy and healthy, at the end of the day, that is what truly matters to me!

When we started ripping through the box, I saw the most beautiful baby blue balloons. I am surprised I didn't cry with excitement (considering I cry about almost everything these days). I think the reason I really want a boy is because I know my husband really wanted to have a son. He talks about wanting to (goodness I am already crying haha) take his son to a ball game, teach him about sports and have a son to carry on the Dukes name. It makes me really happy to think about the bond that my son will share with his Daddy. My husband and I want three children together, so I am so happy that our other children will have an older brother to look after them. I am just really happy. Boy or girl, didn't matter. Our baby boy is healthy and is already so loved by everyone. That makes my heart feel so full. I really didn't think it was possible to love something so much. I can't wait until we get to meet our sweet baby boy.

As for Baby Dukes' name, on the blog we will be calling him Baby B from now on. Initially  I didn't want to tell anyone the names we picked out. Why? Well, I didn't want someone to make me question the name we chose or tell us how they knew someone back in middle school that had that name that they didn't like, etc. We decided to share the name we chose with our family at the party, and well, the reaction we got made me realize why I didn't want to share the name in the first place. Everyone always wants to make fun of the name and choose embarrassing nicknames for your child. As a mom, sorry, but it makes me want to scratch their eyes out. My husband and I thought long and hard about the name we chose. We wanted a strong name for a boy. I wanted a name that I could see being on a CEO's desk. A name that sounds successful. We didn't want some weird, crazy, unique name. Something more classic. A strong name that would suit a little baby boy and an older gentleman. We wanted a name that fit well with the middle name we chose and our last name. Something that has a nice ring to it. Every name is going to have some weird nickname and there will always be someone that doesn't like the name, but, that is life. Once the baby is here, no one is going to make fun of the name because that will be his name. I am slightly regretting telling everyone the name, definitely had me questioning the name we loved and chose for our son. So for now, my husband and I have decided to keep the name a little more private. I am well aware I am very hormonal and hearing anything negative about the name my husband and I have decided to give our child REALLY hurts my feelings...and it makes MAMA BEAR come out!

So for now, we will call our sweet baby boy, Baby B. That is all the hint you get at his name!

How big is the baby? 10.5 inches and 12 ounces, the size of a carrot!

More about this week from Baby Center:

"Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — about the size of a carrot. You may soon feel like she's practicing martial arts as her initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better. In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now, and if you're having a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well.

See what your baby looks like this week."

Total Weight Gain: I am up 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maxi Dress - $20 at Old Navy

How I’m feeling: Minus a couple hours yesterday where I made about 26451 bathroom trips, I have been feeling great! I have the normal back pain and what not, but overall I feel really good. My energy seems great, I am able to kick butt during my workouts again and I don't have any heartburn. I borrowed a foot bath from my Mom and it has been amazing. I love soaking my feet in the little bath while my husband and I catch up on old Grey's Anatomy episodes. Feels so good and my feet haven't been swelling up as much as they were previously.

Maternity clothes: I am living in maternity clothes now. Outside of work, I am loving my Maxi Dresses. I got some cute skinny jeans at Old Navy this last weekend and a new dress. I only have two other pairs of maternity pants and they are from the Motherhood store. Everything at the Motherhood store is sized S, M, L. There are no actual jean sizes. I was happy to know that I still fit into a size 6 at Old Navy! My body is getting bigger, but it still feels good that I am not going up in sizes...yet!

Favorite workouts: I am working out with a trainer at work twice a week. We do a circuit of different workouts and we do weight lifting too. I find that cardio is very exhausting for me, but I really enjoy lifting weights. I like to do speed walks and yoga for my cardio.

Stretch Marks: None yet, thankfully! I am using bio oil and Palmer's Cocoa Butter cream for stretch marks. I have been terrified about the thought of stretch marks. I have old ones from when I gained so much weight a couple years ago. They have finally disappeared for the most part, so I am really scared of them coming back. I have heard that stretch marks are mainly genetic, lotions don't necessarily prevent them. I was talking to a fellow soon to be mommy, she said she thinks of stretch marks as 'baby tattoos'. I just thought it was such a great way to think about stretch marks. I know that no one wants to get stretch marks, but they do happen. So important to still love your body regardless and think of them as memories of growing your sweet little baby. There are worse things in this world than stretch marks.

Sugar. I just really want cookies and candy....and Popsicles and ice cream. Oh the list could go on! Found some all natural lemon Popsicles that help my cravings. They are less than 70 calories, so I do not feel too bad having one in the evenings! Why can't I crave fruits and vegetables?!

Sleep:  Thank goodness for my Snoogle! Seriously, best invention EVER. I sleep like a baby lately and I am hoping I continue sleeping good! On the weekends, I am still waking up pretty early and feeling tired pretty early on in the evenings.
Best moment this weekFinding out that Baby Dukes is a BOY! 

MovementBaby boy's movements have been getting stronger each day! Some of the movements are so strong that I am surprised my husband can't feel them! 
Food aversions: My appetite is mostly back. Meat still doesn't necessarily sound good, but for protein purposes, I make myself eat it.
Belly button in or outIn. Don't think it will be going out.
What I Miss: Being able to be on my feet for long periods of time. Just walking through the grocery store makes my feel puffy and my back hurt. I feel like I have to think twice about what I do during the day and how long it will require me to be on my feet. Maybe I just need better shoes.
What I’m looking forward to: Decorating the nursery! I am really excited to start buying the rest of the furniture and decorations! I am going with a Tiffany Blue and Grey theme with elephant accents. Really struggling to find bedding that I like! Its either covered in elephants, way too bright, or way too expensive. So, I will continue my search for the perfect bedding for Baby B! I am also getting the quote below created in Grey and Tiffany Blue for the nursery! I knew the second I saw this quote, that it would be the inspiration for our nursery. 

Baby Buys: After we found out that our sweet baby was a boy, we went and bought a couple outfits. I don't plan on buying many clothing items for Baby B, because I know I will get some at our shower. But, we still wanted to buy something since we finally knew what the gender was! We will be registering more this weekend and hopefully buying some more items for the nursery! 

For Baby B!



  1. I love elephants! They are my favorite! Kayla's oldest Manny has the same love for the adorable animals! You are looking amazing!