November 4, 2013

No Excuse November

Losing weight is a long journey.  Weight loss is a long term goal, doesn't happen overnight.  We all have an idea of how much we would like to weigh or what size of jeans we want to be able to fit into. Sometimes it gets discouraging when the scale doesn't move or we plateau. I have been told that the best way to keep yourself on track is to make short term goals.  Goals that are achievable right now.

I often set short term goals for myself in my head.  I don't usually announce my goals, that way, if I fail, no one will know.  But I really need to keep myself accountable.

So this month, since it is 'No Excuse November', my goal is to workout in the morning before work.  

I am so busy after work with the wedding preparations.  Some evenings I don't have time to make it to the gym. I am well aware that this is an excuse, there are 24 hours in the day. If I am too busy in the evenings, then I need to make time during the morning to get my workout in.  If I can get up in the morning before work and workout, I will never have to miss a workout because I am too busy.  The other great thing about this, on the nights I am not busy, I can still go to the gym to get an extra workout in. I have made this goal in the past, but I always wake up and go back to sleep. This time is going to be different because I am going to keep myself accountable!

So there it is. That is my goal for November.  

I usually give myself a reward for achieving a goal. But since I am getting married in a month, I think looking amazing in a wedding dress is a reward enough!

What is your 'No Excuse November' goal?


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