July 29, 2013


My weight has officially been the same for almost two months.  I feel like I am doing everything right, working out, eating healthy, taking supplements and getting enough sleep.  I can't help but feel a little bit frustrated when I step on the scale each week and see no change.  My clothes fit slightly different and I do feel more muscular than I did a couple months ago, but I still get a lot of satisfaction when I see the number on the scale go down.

It is so easy to get discouraged during a weight loss plateau. I plateaued December through almost February and I remember feeling so incredibly frustrated.  Once I broke through the plateau, I lost twenty pounds fairly quickly.  I know I will eventually break through this plateau just as I did the last one, but I am starting to get very impatient.

Tom and I leave for Hawaii in a little over a month.  My goal was to loose another ten pounds before Hawaii, which I initially thought would be very easy.  Each day that goes by, I am getting more nervous that I might not achieve my goal.

Just as I was feeling discouraged, I was given a wake up call.  Tom and I missed our Friday night date, so we went to happy hour on Saturday after our workout.  I used to frequent this particular restaurant when I was overweight and hadn't been there in a while.  We went and sat in the bar and the host followed us to our table with menus.  Before she left, she asked if I used to come in to the restaurant a lot a while ago.  Yes, I used to be a regular. She said, 'You've lost weight, haven't you?".  Why yes, yes I have! She asked how much weight I had lost and told me I looked really great.

Just as I was feeling discouraged by my plateau, I was reminded that I have come a long ways and I should be proud of myself.  There is no finish line when it comes to getting healthy and in shape.  Even when I get to my goal weight, I will always have to workout, eat healthy and maintain my weight.  Fitness isn't something that ever ends, it is a lifestyle.

I will probably have several more plateaus and just as I did the last one, I will break through them all.  Plateaus should make me work harder, not discourage me.  I have come a long way from where I once was and I really need to be proud of myself.

I am going to start mixing up my workouts and my calories again so I can start losing weight again.  I will break through this plateau!


Pre-workout fuel - Egg and protein powder in my coffee
New gym bag


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