July 15, 2013

Nutrition and Shopping Tips

I have been working out pretty hard lately with Tom.  We have been roughly following the MFT28 on Bodybuilding.com.  This workout plan is pretty intense and we are both very exhausted and sore after each workout.  Throughout this weight loss journey, I have always worked out alone.  Even when Tom and I would go to the gym together, we usually worked out separately.  I am coming to realize how much I enjoy having a workout buddy.  He holds me accountable, helps me with my form, pushes me to do heavier weight and encourages me to do that one last rep.

Lately, Tom and I have been trying to eat a little healthier.  We both realized we have been eating out more than usual and we really want to get back on track.  Tom shared this video with me from Bodybuilding.com last night:

This video is very informative about eating healthy, how to grocery shop and what types of food to buy when  following a plan.

After we went grocery shopping, we did a quick meal prep.  One pound of lean ground turkey, five eggs, one red pepper, Lawry;s seasoning salt and three white sweet potatoes.  This made two lunches for both Tom and I.  We bought all the ingredients for less than ten dollars.  Over 40 grams of protein and under 10 carbohydrates.

Ground Turkey (99% Fat Free), Eggs, Red Pepper and 1/2 a White Sweet Potato
Also, wanted to share that I bought my first pair of shorts this weekend.  I have an upcoming vacation that I will need clothes for warm weather, so I bought these shorts.  I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair of jean shorts!

Bought my first pair of shorts...in years!
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  1. Seriously Awesome! You are now going to be my inspiration! Nice job Jess. I can't remember when I last wore shorts and felt okay about it!