April 24, 2013

Confidently Dressed

Ever since I started this journey to lose weight and find my happiness, I have found a new love for shopping. Not sure it's a good thing!  The more comfortable I feel in my own skin, the more I enjoy dressing up and putting more effort into my appearance.

Before I started this journey to lose weight and get fit, I literally hated my body.  I didn't want to be in family pictures, I didn't want to try on clothes, I didn't even want to be around people and I even felt like I was too fat to even go to the gym.  I used to only wear black because I felt like it hid the obvious - the fact I was overweight.  I refused to buy new clothes that actually fit me because that meant I had to face the fact that I had gained weight.  So I covered myself in black clothes that were too small for me hoping no one would notice.

Along with all of my fitness goals, I have a couple other goals for myself this summer. Wear a bikini and wear dresses. I have always envied those girls who wore dresses.  A girl in a dress represents a girl with confidence to me.  I have never been one to wear dresses during the summer because I have always felt they draw too much attention to my body and that was the last thing I wanted.

I was talking to a friend a couple weeks ago about wishing that I was one of those girls who could rock a dress. Their response, "Why can't you?".  Good question.  I feel like I finally have the confidence to wear a dress and pull it off.  I always assumed I had to be skinny to pull off a dress, but in reality, the only thing I have been missing is confidence.

So lately, I have been buying dresses.  Summer dresses, cocktail dresses, casual dresses - you name it! I want to have casual summer dresses to wear to the park, cocktail dresses to wear out to a nice dinner and a cute party dress to wear on my birthday this summer. The last time I wore a dress on my birthday was when I turned 21, which was almost four years ago! This summer, I will be turning 25 and I am going to rock a cute party dress!

I have lost 35 lbs now and that does make trying on clothes more enjoyable.  But most important, I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I have the confidence to rock a dress!



  1. Honestly, you're a legit 10. And it's not even close. There's not anything you couldn't pull off and whatever you're doing is working, big time. You ought to be proud and confident. You're gorgeous.

  2. I love your blog! I'm in the process of losing weight myself and readying this makes me realise that I'm not alone in the way I feel about myself. You are so pretty! You can absolutely wear a dress and I'm certian that you would look so gorgeous in it.
    Thanks for keeping this blog updated, you are really helping me on my journey :)
    Be proud of where you are and the hard work that its taken to get here. You've earnt it!