March 12, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Happy #TransformationTuesday! I started my current job one year ago today.  The picture on the left is the picture on my badge and the one on the right was taken last Friday.  I remember seeing my picture on the left last year and thinking it was a great picture because it hid my double chin.  So thankful I am not that girl anymore.  Fit and happy is the way to go!

Happy Transformation Tuesday!



  1. The secret to workout motivation is the feedback loop. The results keep you motivated. If you can't see the results, then the energy you've spent feels wasted and the cost of working out is greater than the benefit

    As vain as it is, working out to look good is probably the best reason to work out. Working out to "be healthy" tends to fail the feedback loop test. It's just too hard to SEE and FEEL the results enough to reinforce a strong positive feedback loop. Looks however are much easier to notice, see, feel, and be reminded of by everyone who sees you. Best motivation there is. So while being healthy is a great side result, working out to look awesome tends to result in looking awesome

    I'm glad you're seeing the results and have pictures and old clothes that can keep reminding you of how great you've done. Keep it up!