March 13, 2013

Goodbye Fat Clothes!

This weekend was a good one!  This was the first weekend in a while where I decided to make no plans so I could stay home and spring clean!  One of my non fitness goals for the year is to give my bedroom a makeover.  I want new furniture, bedding, lamps and pictures. My bedroom is made up of my old furniture from college and none of it matches.  I am a cheap person though, so I have a hard time spending money on unnecessary items for my bedroom.  But this year, it is my goal to give myself a nice bedroom.  Saturday morning, I went to look at new bed frames with my Mom.  I have spent the last several months looking at bed frames and finally found one I liked that matched my vision and was in my price range.  When I went to look at the bed, it looked nothing like how it looked online! I ended up finding a bed frame I really liked while I was there.  The frame is much different than what I thought I wanted, but I think it looks really sharp. My Mom and I ended up going to another furniture store to look around before I decided on which frame I wanted.  To my surprise, the other furniture store was able to order the same bed frame for me that I liked - but for $70 dollars less! Very happy about that!  

My Mom convinced me to leave the store that day, think about it, then return to order the bed another weekend.  We made it halfway out of the parking lot before I told her to turn around.  I went in and bought the bed frame! I knew I wasn't going to change my mind and if I didn't just go for it and buy it, I might not have returned.  So, in one month, I will be the proud new owner of a lovely bed frame!

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out my bedroom, including my closet.  I tried on all the clothes I never wear anymore.  I found that some of them finally fit and some of them were too big. I decided to be brave and get my clothes out of storage.  Last year, when my boyfriend at the time moved in with me, we needed to make room for his clothes.  So, I took all of the clothes that were too small for me and put them into storage. For some reason, I just couldn't part with my clothes. Figured when I lost weight, I would be able to wear them again.  

Well, that day finally came.  All of the clothes in storage fit me again.  Old running tank tops, nice tops, sweatshirts, they all fit! So, I cleaned out all of my 'fat clothes' that are now too big for me and made room for the clothes I can finally wear again.  Out with the old and in with the 'new'.  I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! 

I happily bagged up all of my 'fat clothes' and took them to my car to give to Value Village. Its funny though, when I was heavier, I literally could not convince myself to give away my 'skinny' clothes.  My boyfriend at the time and I even went to the extent of renting an extra storage unit to house my six bags of clothes that I no longer fit into. I paid to keep these clothes. The thought of getting rid of the clothes I was because eating was more important to me was absolutely ridiculous.  This weekend, however, I GLADLY donated all of the clothes that were too big for me.  I have absolutely no intention of EVER fitting into them again.  None.  Never going back. Ever. 

I am really happy to fit in my old clothes. Feels really good, but I am no where near my goal.  I have a long way to go, but I am so happy about my progress! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Loving all of the sunshine!
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Goodbye fat clothes - hope we never meet again!
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