February 20, 2013

Supplements & Struggles

Last nights workout was AWESOME to say the least.  I have been really good about taking my supplements lately and can definitely tell a difference in the gym.  I have been taking Cellucor's Super HD in the morning and at lunch time. Thirty minutes before my workout I take a teaspoon of creatine.  After my workout, I take a little more creatine, BCAAs and a protein shake.  All of these paired together, I feel like a beast at the gym.

I rode the bike last night for a full hour.  I did hills at a resistance level of 10.  Throughout the entire hour, with both hills and resistance, I was able to maintain a rate per minute of 90-100.  I biked 16.5 miles in the hour. During my cardio, I usually watch tv because it makes the time go by faster.  Yesterday, I listened to music.  I had Hollywood Undead's 'We Are' on repeat for the entire hour.  I felt unstoppable, felt like I could have easily done another hour of cardio.  I was in the zone. Once I was done with cardio, I went and did some leg lifts.  My legs are so strong, its fun being able to lift as much as the other guys in the gym.

The drive home from the gym was a struggle.  A few years ago after one of my workouts, I remember walking out of the gym and hearing a guy yelling at me from behind.  He said, 'If you can walk that fast out of the gym, you clearly didn't work hard enough'.  I never really understood what he meant.  If you're in shape, the gym shouldn't exhaust you that much, right? Wrong! I struggled to walk to my car last night, let alone drive home.  My legs were so tired that I had a hard time pressing on the gas pedal.  I was afraid I was going to get pulled over for driving too slow! Sorry Officer, it was a Leg Day!

As hard as I have been working, I still am feeling slightly discouraged.  The scale has been stuck at one number for a while now.  I just want to lose the rest of this fat! My muscles feel strong, I know I have muscles hiding underneath this layer of fat.  I am eating good, taking my fat burner, working my butt off in the gym.  Why isn't this weight falling off?! My Mom was telling me about her coworker last weekend, she is on a diet getting reading for a vacation.  She has lost 10 lbs in three weeks.  HOW?! Why isn't my weight falling off that quickly? Why is it taking so long? I don't have the answers, but I am so ready to get rid of this fat.

I think it might be time to put the scale back in storage and base my progress off of pictures, how I feel and how my clothes fit.  I wish I could lose weight as fast as other people can.

I will keep working hard, continue with my workouts and my good eating habits.  I refuse to give up on myself.



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