January 15, 2013

Gym Motivation of the Day

Really looking forward to my workout tonight. Today is cardio and arms. Can't wait!

Today, this is what is motivating me:

1. I want strong defined muscles.
2. I want to be happy.
3. I want to feel confident.
4. I want to feel attractive again.
5. I want to take more progress pictures.
6. I want to wear stylish clothes.
7. I want to be able to wear summer dresses.
8. I want to rock high heels.
9. I want biceps.
10. I like being able to lift as much as some of the guys at the gym.
11. Working out makes me feel relaxed.
12. I want to sweat.
13. Can't wait to wear my workout outfit - it's cute :)
14. I want to get closer to my goal.



  1. Hi Jess,

    I love this post, I think your motivation points are great, I think it's so important to remind ourselves why we do these things, and I love that you have words like strong and that you write about how working out makes you feel. Very positive read!

    Have a great workout!

    Zoe xx

    1. Thanks Zoe. I struggle to find motivation sometimes, but when I think about my long term goals, it really helps me stay on track!