January 3, 2013

Gym Motivation of the Day

New eating habits. New year. New food and fitness journal.  New goals.

Got an email from a girl that leads a Young Adult small group from my church.  This is one of the many things I wanted to do this year. Great way to meet new people.

Tonight, I am going to grab coffee with her and go to the small group afterwards.  New things like this make the shy person inside come out.  I feel anxious, so worried they won't like me and I won't fit in.  But then I saw this quote.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  I am uncomfortable right now, anxious and nervous.  But, this just means all the changes in my life is opening a new chapter of my life, a fresh start, a new beginning.

Considering the fact I turned someone down to hang out tonight because I had planned on going to the gym, I feel slightly guilty about this decision.  But, this is something I need to do for myself.  A chance to meet a great group of girls, a chance for a new beginning. So, I have to do it.

I will drink my protein shake before I go for coffee and I will have to find some extra time this evening to workout at home. This is where I need to find a balance to fit everything in.  Not sure this is really a Gym Motivation post, but, this is motivating me to keep working toward my goal.

 I am at the end of my comfort zone.  New beginnings, not endings.



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