January 14, 2013

Date & Pictures From the Weekend

I don't want to jinx myself, but in case you were wondering, my date went well.  I have had a permanent smile on my face ever since Saturday night.  

He's nice, he was a gentleman, good conversation all evening, he paid for dinner (lately, guys never pay!) and he sent me the cutest texts after the date.  I went home, turned on some Taylor Swift and danced around my apartment like a teenager. Embarrassing.

He is ridiculously nice.  So much in common.  His texts make me blush like crazy.  So, being typical Jess, I am thinking this is way to good to be true.  Guys aren't nice.  Guys don't pay on dates anymore. Why would a guy even like me? This whole thing is way too good to be true, so I am sure something will go wrong any time now.  


Then I stopped myself.  These thoughts are SO self sabotaging.  If I constantly am waiting for something bad to happen when things start going my way, I am never going to have good things.  This is the old Jess creeping back in, trying to convince me that I don't deserve good things. I can't push away every good thing that comes into my life. 

So, today I am going to work on reminding myself that I DESERVE GOOD THINGS.  I deserve good things, good relationships and good friendships.  I deserve to be happy, to be content with myself and to have confidence.  I am worthy and deserving just like everyone else.

I deserve someone great, someone who will love me for me, flaws and all.  Each time I have a self sabotaging thought, I am going to remind myself of these things. I have no idea what the future hold for me or when I will meet my Prince Charming, but I am thankful for this weekend.  I was reminded that there are still nice guys out there and that makes me happy.

I genuinely hope I get to see him again and hope he enjoyed the date like I did.  I am happy - and deserving.


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12/19/12 vs 1/14/13
Sadie and I
Saturday Morning Coffee
New $20 boots 
Baby Mia 


  1. Glad your date went well and you're looking amazing. Don't let you self doubts get in your way, you deserve good things!

    1. Thank you! Self doubts are awful...trying to remind myself I am deserving :)