December 18, 2012

Gym Motivation of the Day

Lately, I feel like I am doing anything but succeeding.  I have an excuse for everything lately and I am letting my stress get the best of me.  I blogged about a week ago about how I couldn't 'take a break' during the holidays or allow myself to over indulge on food.

HA. What a joke. I feel like I am so busy lately, that some days, I literally can't go to the gym.  This weekend for example, I was busy both Saturday and Sunday.  Although I didn't have time to drive to the gym, workout and then drive home again, I did have time to workout at home.  Did I? Ha, of course I didn't.  I had every intention of working out in the mornings, but I was 'too tired', meaning, I didn't feel like it.

So, while I was too tired and busy to workout and make it to the gym, I completely over indulged on food this weekend.  It is so hard being at a Christmas get together, delicious food everywhere, and then stick with a salad.  Although it is hard to deny food when it is sitting right in front of me, I can guarantee it would have been worth it.  Because now, I feel sluggish.  Amazing how a few days of not working out and eating poorly can really change how I feel.  Last week, I remember my trainer telling us we have to workout extra hard because we will be eating poorly for the next few weeks.  I remember thinking, YEAH RIGHT. I thought I had more self control, more motivation and determination to say no to junk food. But, I was wrong.

Tonight, I am planning on going to the gym and let me tell you, I am dreading it. I caught myself earlier trying to think of excuses of why I can't go to the gym.  It gets to the point where its not even about wanting to lose weight and look good, working out and eating good makes me FEEL good.  I always regret it when I eat junk food and don't workout, but I never regret a good workout or a healthy meal.  I can feel myself slipping off track, my anxiety is through the roof and I just feel sluggish.

Time to get back on track, I have worked too hard to give up now.  I don't know what I am planning on doing at the gym tonight, all I am focused on right now is getting there.  Once I get my butt in the doors, I will figure the rest out.

Today, this is what is motivating me to get to the gym:

1. I want to feel good - looking good is an added bonus.
2. I want to reach my goal.
3. When the next holidays come around, I want to have more self control.
4. I don't want to go back to how I was before.
5. Feeling unattractive is the worst feeling ever.
6. I have worked too hard to give up now.
7. Working out helps me control my anxiety.
8. I want to be able to buy smaller clothes.
9. I am ready to notice changes in my body.
10. I want more muscle - defined muscle.
11. I want to feel comfortable showing my legs in dresses and shorts.
12. I want to be able to buy the 'in style' clothes.
13. I want to like what I see in the mirror.
14. I want to feel comfortable weighing myself.
15. I want to gain more confidence.
16. I want to make myself proud.
17. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.



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