November 8, 2012

Pain is Temporary, Quitting is Forever

I met with my trainer yesterday.  I was able to do all the exercises without my knee hurting, including squats.  Its interesting because walking, using the stairs, running, the elliptical, they all kill my knee.  But, squatting and lifting weights with my legs don't hurt at all.  My trainer happens to also be a physical therapist.

I asked her about my knee again.  What the heck is going on??  She said she was watching my form when I was working out today and noticed that I do everything on the outside of my feet, even walking.  She asked if my big toe ever touches the ground when I walk, and I of course said no.  I walk on the outside of my feet, my toes never touch the ground.  This is possibly the result of breaking my shin two years ago.  Most likely started to walk on the outside of my feet to compensate for the pain in my shin.  Walking this way is putting a lot of pressure on my knee.  She also mentioned that my hamstrings are so tight that they are pulling my knee inside, causing my knee to hurt.

I am relieved to hear that she doesn't think my knee pain is anything too serious.  She told me that every time I walk, make sure my big toe is hitting the ground.  The more conscious I am of the way I walk, the easier it will be to naturally walk that way.   Its going to take time to break the bad habit, but it will eventually happen.  She also showed me ways to stretch my hamstrings.

Every time I have tried to get back into running, I always feel like something hurts.  Whether its my back or my knees, something doesn't feel right.  My body isn't used to running anymore and it is weaker than it used to be.  Reminding myself to be patient and eventually running will be less painful.

Usually, when I am hurting, I take it as an easy excuse to skip the gym and wait for it to go away.  Sure, if I skip the gym, the pain will eventually go away.  But when I start working out again, it will come right back.  Pain is not a reason to skip the gym, it is your body telling you that you need to change something you're doing and correct it.

This pain is temporary and it WILL go away eventually.  But in the meantime, I am not giving up because quitting lasts forever.



  1. I've been running for the past two years, at least 10+ miles every week for at least 100 weeks straight

    Monday I switched running shoes, and my knee has been killing me all week. As in painful to walk killing me. Hundreds of miles of running, and a simple change of shoes destroys my knee

    My solution? I run through it. Pain isn't always bad, isn't always a sign of something about to break or go haywire. It can simply be a sign of your body adapting. Breaking the routine of not running to running has gotta be a shock for your body, especially the knees, and especially if you're running at a weight they never ran with previously

    Give it time, stick it out, and watch both the pain and weight fade away ;)