November 13, 2012

Learning to Mind My Own Business

I kicked butt with  my trainer yesterday.  She had me dripping sweat within the first five minutes.  Started out with more squats than I can count, did a lot of back exercises, finished off with dead lifts and core exercises.  What I love about having a trainer is, the second I feel like I can't do any more, she makes me do ten more.  She proves to me time and time again that I can do whatever I tell myself I can do.  If I say I'm going to do ten more, my body will follow.

I had a good conversation with my Mom on the way home from my workout.  We were talking about things that were bothering me and things that were bothering her and she stopped me mid sentence.  She told me that all the things I was complaining about had absolutely nothing to do with me.  I find myself doing this a lot.  I make other peoples problems my own.  For example, last week, the guy my Mom likes bailed on her.  I stressed about that and talked about that more than she did.  I made it my problem, when in reality, it had absolutely nothing to do with me.  Then my Mom said, if you were happy with yourself, you wouldn't do that so much.  Its strange to think that  me making other peoples problems my own and being happy with myself has anything to do with one another.  But, I think she might be on to something.  If I was happy with myself and focused on myself more, I wouldn't bother getting into other peoples business.  I could listen to their problems without stressing out over their problems for them.  Learning the importance of minding my own business.

The more I get into other peoples business, it takes me away from my goal of improving myself.  Everyone in life has their own set of problems, but it is not my place to solve the problems for people.  No one asked me to feel bad for them, to give them advice or to help them so why do I feel the need to do so?

My Mom gave me a wake up call last night.  In order to stay on track, I need to focus on myself and where I want to be.  The happier I am with myself, the less I will feel the need to butt into other peoples business.  Sometimes it is necessary to step back and say "Is this my problem?" and "Does this affect me?".  If not, let go of it and move on.  Worrying about why this guy ditched my Mom is not my problem and does not affect me.  Therefore, I shouldn't be stressing about it.

Everyday, I am realizing how important it is to be happy with myself.  My happiness truly affects so many aspects of my life.  I do feel happier than I have been in a very long time, but last night showed me I still have a lot of work to do.  It doesn't take much for something to throw me off course and stress me out which is something that I definitely need to work on.

Happiness is my ultimate goal.  Working out, getting in shape, eating better, feeling better about myself and strengthening the relationships in my life are stepping stones to achieving true happiness.



  1. Sounds to me it is time for you to be selfish! Go for it I bet you will be suprised how well it works...

    1. Yes, I think you're right! Being selfish isn't always a bad thing...