November 19, 2012

Gym Motivation of the Day

Although I had huge wins this weekend, I feel so discouraged.  I want results, like, now.

I am gaining muscle.  My body feels stronger, I can feel my muscles.  I am not as jiggly as I used to be.  But, as I gain the muscle, I am struggling to get rid of the fat.  My goal is to gain muscle while I lose all of this fat. I just thought it would happen at the same time.

 I have spent more time than I care to admit Googling how to lose body fat while gaining muscle.  I am not interested in taking diet pills or starving myself.  I want to do it the healthy way.  Google basically told me to lift weights, up my cardio, eat lots of protein and cut out carbs.  I lift weights daily and I get about an hour of cardio in each day.  I push myself HARD when I workout,  no doubt about that.  I have started eating better, trying to get more protein through meat, eggs and greek yogurt.  Carbs, well, I am still working on that.  The only carb I really eat are tortilla chips with my pica de gallo.  But besides that, since I am allergic to gluten, I never eat pasta, bread or anything like that.  I know I could definitely incorporate more vegetables into my diet.  I have avoided going on a diet because diets, for me at least, never work.  I end up feeling deprived, then I binge, then I quit.  I want to eat healthier without going on some strict diet plan.

Of course in my Google search, I read about supplements.  I read about all these different proteins to take that will help build muscle and increase your energy.  I know a lot of people who drink protein shakes and what not, but they have huge muscles.  I want to be fit and in shape.  I want muscles and I want to feel good.  But not sure supplements are the way to go.  Do girls take supplements?  Or, are they supposed to?  Do you only take supplements when you are building muscle, not when you are trying to lose weight too?  Advice? I'll take any I can get.

I feel like I need to make some sort of change to my diet and exercise routine because right now, I am not getting the results I want.  Sure, I know I need to be patient, but I feel like this is my body telling me to push harder.  I don't want another month to go by and still see minimal results.  I just want to feel like my hard work is making SOME kind of difference.  I do feel better, but I want to feel even better.  I refuse to give up and I want to get fit and healthy, the healthy way.

I am meeting with my trainer this evening and then going home and walking my dogs in the crazy Seattle rain (basically flooding outside today).

Today, this is what is motivating me to get to the gym:

1. Clearly, I have issues with confidence.  I am sick of it.
2. Next time I go out to eat with friends, I don't want to feel embarrassed of eating in front of them.
3. I want to see some freaking RESULTS already.
4. I want to run more 5Ks and maybe even a 10K or half marathon in the future.
5. I want to love myself.
6. I want to enjoy shopping for clothes and enjoy trying clothes on.
7. I want to be able to buy - and wear - a bikini next summer.
8. I want to feel comfortable going to family functions.
9. I am sick of being embarrassed of what I look like and feeling like a fat cow.
10. I want to be able to shop for smaller clothes.
11. I want people to notice that I have lost weight.
12. There is about a month until Christmas, I want to feel good going to see the family.
13. I want to be in shape and feel good about myself.
14. I am annoyed by my set backs this weekend.

Last but not least,

15. I have worked way too hard to give up now.



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