November 2, 2012

Gym Motivation of the Day

I skipped the gym yesterday. Shame on me.  I had a hair appointment after work and it was much longer than I had anticipated. I was prepared to skip my workout, but I didn't realize I would miss it so much.  I feel like I am finally getting into the habit of working out everyday.  Just makes me feel so much better.

So today, it is Friday.  I technically don't have set in stone plans with anyone, so I decided I would go to the gym tonight.  One friend mentioned going out tonight and another mentioned grabbing dinner. And while I really want to see my both of them, I also really want to go to the gym.

This is where my guilt plays in.  If someone asked me what I want to do tonight, I would say, I want to go to Michael's after work and get Christmas decorations, then I want to go to the gym and come home and relax with my dogs.  Might make me sound like a loser, but honestly, I have been enjoying my Friday nights at the gym.  I feel so much better on Saturday's when I hit the gym on Fridays.  But, even though that is what I prefer to do, I feel so incredibly bad telling people no.  People get offended when you say no in the first place, but when they find out you don't want to hang out because you would rather go to the gym, well...they get extra offended.

I get it. I would probably be offended knowing someone would rather go to the gym than hang out with me.  That being said, getting in shape and being happy is my number one priority.  Those who are close to me know this and I hope they understand.  I want to see friends, I want to go out and have a good time, but right now, I need to be a little bit selfish.

In my entire life, I have never put myself first.  I have done whatever anyone else wanted me to do because I am such a people pleaser.  But, I am learning that no matter what you do in life, you just can't please everyone.  There is always going to be someone who has something to say.  I always get so mad at myself when I do what other people want to do and forget to ask myself what I actually feel like doing.

So, you just have to do what you want to do.  If I always do what I want to do, then I can never be mad at myself or disappointed.

So tonight, sorry friends, but I am going to be selfish.  I am going to the gym because it is something that makes me happy and will get me closer to my goal.  No one is going to make me feel guilty for going to the gym, for bettering myself and doing what I want to do.  Just not going to happen.  If someone doesn't understand, I'm sorry, but I want this way too bad to let someones guilt trip get in my way.

Tonight, I don't even feel the need to write a list of what is motivating me to go to the gym, because its exactly what I want to do.



  1. I endorse your plan!

    Selfish is a misused word. Just look at the definitions:

    1. Devoted to or caring only for oneself...

    Is choosing to spend a night doing something for yourself make you "devoted to caring only" for yourself? I hardly think so. You might as well call yourself a vegetarian anytime you eat a salad. Unless it's a chef salad. Maybe that was a bad example. Maybe I should move on

    One of the most popular ethical theories is utilitarianism, which says the right thing to do is what maximizes overall happiness in the world. And guess what? Sometimes world happiness is increased more by spending a night making yourself happy than attempting to please others. So think of it that way. Your night alone increased the overall happiness level of the world! THE WORLD!

    And don't worry: spending a night to yourself will never lose you friends. Friends understand and stick around. The people who don't? Who cares. You're a happier and better person without them ;)

    Ugh. I'm still thinking about chef salads. So good