October 25, 2012

Gym Motivation of the Day

I can't even tell you how many times I have said, "I'll do it tomorrow".  I'll go to the gym tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will eat better.  I will start a diet tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go for a run.  Tomorrow.  And sooner or later 'tomorrow' becomes weeks, months and years.

Why do I always push off what I really want until tomorrow. Why not now? Why not today?  Honestly, there isn't one good reason why I should have put off running, dieting and being happy.

There is no better time than now.  Our time is so limited, so why not make the best of every single second we are blessed with?

I am done putting all of this off.  I am ready to do it now. Today.  I am in the process of forming healthy habits that I can be proud of.  I am planning to workout a little longer than usual tonight! Gotta beat my coworkers, every minute counts!

Today, this is what is motivating me to kick butt at the gym tonight:

1. I am winning in the workout challenge at work and I don't plan on losing.
2. I can't wait to keep this up and see my progress in a couple months.
3. Working out helps me motivate myself to eat better.
4. I feel better after a good workout.
5. I want to see my results.
6. I want to see a lower number on the scale next time I weigh myself.
7. I want to feel comfortable going out with old friends.
8. I am sick of feeling like I am not as good as everyone else.
9. I want to be healthy.
10. I want to make my family proud.
11. I am sick of putting this off and waiting for tomorrow.
12. If I don't treat myself well, how can I expect others to?
13. I want to be able to wear cute tank tops to the gym and feel like I can actually pull it off.
14. I want to enjoy being in pictures with others again, sick of avoiding cameras.

Last but not least,

15. Everyday, I feel like this is becoming more of a habit, and I love it.



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