October 25, 2012

Competition = Motivation

I worked out with my trainer after work yesterday.  We did a million squats and a lot of ab work.  I meet with my trainer twice a week for an hour.  I find that on these days, I never get in my cardio. I usually like to do my cardio then switch to weight training.  But with my job, time just doesn't allow for me to sneak it in before I meet with my trainer.  Yesterday, I went home and walked my dogs for 30 minutes, but it just isn't the same.  Next week, my goal is to stay after my training session and get my cardio in.  I just feel so much better after doing cardio.

This morning, I went to go put my water consumption and workout time into my boss and I's tracker.  I noticed that another coworker has joined the competition and she is kicking our butts when it comes to water consumption! Now I need to step up my game! I was able to drink 60 ounces of water yesterday at work.  I just hate that I am running to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  Hopefully my body will adjust to drinking this much water soon.  With my workout and the walk yesterday, I was able to put in 90 minutes for my workout time.  So far, I am beating everyone when it comes to that portion of the competition.  I am hoping to consume three of my 33 ounce water bottles at work today and complete a 120 minute workout tonight.

I have always complained about not having someone to workout with.  Its nice to be able to go to the gym with someone, kind of forces you to go.  Even though my boss and coworker aren't going to the gym with me, I feel like I have this extra fun motivation to get my butt to the gym at night and stay a litter longer than I probably would otherwise.  I usually workout for about 90 minutes everyday, hour of cardio and 30 minutes with weights.  But now, I feel like I want to stay a little bit longer, every minute counts!

I am feeling really good.  Even when I have a bad day lately, I can still be happy about where I am at in my life and how far I have come.  I am working out every day, eating better and just feeling good about the person I am becoming.  I am working hard and 'giving up' isn't even in my vocabulary, not even an option at this point.  I have let go of the toxic people in my life and am choosing to surround myself with people who support me and encourage me to do better.

I refuse to sit around and wait for good things to happen to me anymore.  I want to be in shape.  I want good healthy friendships.  I want to be a runner again.  I want to be happy. I will do anything I can to make sure I achieve everything I want to be.



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