January 13, 2011

Weight Watchers

In the past few years, I have noticed that my body reacts more to food than exercise.  I can exercise all I want, but if I don't change my eating habits, nothing is going to change.  Since September,  I have loosely followed the Weight Watchers plan.  I have not officially signed up, but I have been tracking all of my points in a small black journal. 

Along with everyone else, I have decided to watch my diet in 2011.  I have been following the plan strictly since the first of the month and already, I am down three pounds.  I love the Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan because it really forces you to keep track of the amount of protein, carbs, fats and fiber you are putting into your body.  This plan also forces you to keep track of portion sizes.  I have been measuring every thing I eat lately, and I find it so interesting how small portions actually are.  Before, I would always look at calories, fats, etc, but I never actually looked at the portion sizes.  Ritz crackers for example, sure, the whole wheat crackers are only 70 calories. But when you actually look at the portion size, it is only FIVE crackers! That is not a lot!

So far, I am loving the new PointsPlus plan and am very excited about what the future holds :)


  1. Sad how age and food intake are inversely proportional...