December 9, 2010

Christmas List

What is on your Christmas List this year? New shoes? A new iPod? This year my Christmas List consists of three things. Grey’s Anatomy Season 6, a new DVD player and coffee/end tables for my living room. Basically, my list consists of totally unnecessary, material things. I don’t know about you, but I also tend to spend a ton on ridiculous Christmas decorations for my apartment. Every surface of my apartment is covered in snowmen, Christmas lights and other red and green decorations. I even went as far as buying a rhinestone encrusted Hello Kitty stocking for myself. Totally unnecessary.
My new stocking.

I came into work this week to notice a bulletin board full of gifts to donate for the Holiday Gift Drive. To be honest, I normally walk right by Gift Trees and Gift Drives because I feel like I have enough Christmas shopping to do for my family. Selfish, right? Well, today, I stopped just to look. Two of the gifts caught my eye. One was for a Mom and all she wanted was makeup and the other was for a Pre-Teen and wanted manicure supplies. How simple. I can’t even count the number of nail polishes I have sitting in a container in my apartment. As for makeup, I spent a whole $100 dollars on a huge metal tote to put all of my makeup in. Makeup and manicure supplies are staple items in my apartment. For these two individuals, makeup and manicure supplies are luxuries items that they cannot afford. 

I pulled these two names off of the bulletin board this year and I might even grab a couple more. Their wants are so simple and things that I take for granted every day. Why not donate gifts and give the less fortunate their simple Christmas wish? I understand people’s wallets are bare this time of year like mine, Christmas is expensive. Skip that morning latte this week and put that money toward a better cause. I look forward to going out and buying makeup and manicure supplies for these two individuals this weekend. Hopefully these gifts will put a smile on their faces this Christmas :)


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