April 27, 2010

Raw Food Anyone?

I have this new obsession I must tell you about. Raw food.

I took my finals for winter quarter last month. Finals are stressful. I feel like I eat a ton of comfort foods during finals week to ease the stress. Not sure why I do it because when finals week is over, I feel like a slug. A slug full of over processed, fat foods. Instead of running and working out a little bit more, I tried something a bit more drastic. I did a 21 day raw food detox.

The 21 day raw food detox was A-MAZING. I was able to eat all fruits, vegetables, brown rice, nuts, seeds, juice, tea and soy products. This detox required me to give up bread, dairy and meat. This was incredibly hard for me because my usual diet consisted of bread, dairy and meat.

I started out my day with a smoothie with orange juice, any fruit and chia seeds. Lunch, I ate raw almonds, bananas and brown rice cakes. Snacks would consist of raw fruits and veggies. Dinner was the hardest meal to figure out what to eat. I ate a lot of tofu for dinner as well as brown rice with lots of veggies. I allowed myself to drink coffee and drank a lot of soy milk and water.

This detox forced me to change the way I ate. I began shopping at the Food Co-Op as well as the natural section in the grocery store. Since I was so limited on what I could eat, I stopped looking at the amount of calories in the food, and started looking at the ingredients. Its important to be aware of the calories, but the ingredients are so important! Once I started reading the ingredient list of the back of food, my food options became endless! I don't normally cook 'raw', so I looked to many blogs and websites for help. Also, going out to eat became almost impossible. I had to seek out restaurants that were vegan, or had vegan options. The first week of the detox was the worst. All I wanted was a loaf of bread and cheetos. By the second week, all of my cravings disappeared. I started to have more energy and fewer headaches.

The 21 days are over and I feel amazing. I am a trimmed down, healthier version of myself. Although I don't plan to become vegan, I do want to incorporate more vegan options into my current diet. I have learned how to cook with more fruits and veggies and eat less bread. I know this detox is not realistic for everyone, but I would highly recommend it.

Raw foods to the rescue :)

April 26, 2010

Lost Love

I have not updated my blog in quite some time now. There has been many changes in my life that I should probably update you on :).

To be honest, I have lost my desire for running. I let the people who I surround myself with convince me that I am not good enough, not strong enough and not fast enough. When I signed up for the Eugene Marathon back in November, I thought that I would have tons of support and possibly a running partner, but honestly, nothing changed. I really shouldn't have listened to what other people said and should have looked a running group for support. On top of this, I allowed running to get further and further down on my list to do. Running was once a hobby, my passion, my escape. The moment I signed up for my marathon, running instantly became a chore. Training was something I had to do, not something I wanted to do.

I signed up for the Eugene Marathon when I had a fractured shin. I thought that I would have plenty of time to recover and train for the marathon since it was six months away. Before my shin fracture, I could run an 8 mile minute no problem. After the fracture, I had a hard time running an 11 minute mile. And boom, my love for running when out the door. Running became instantly hard. Getting winded after one mile was horrible. Instead of trying harder, I decided to give up.

I am sad to say, I will not be running the Eugene Marathon this weekend. But honestly, I don't want to run this marathon. I wish they would cancel the marathon so I can get rid of the guilt. But I am happy to say that I am determined to find my love for running again. I am not going to let the excuses above stop me this time. I don't think I will be signing up for another marathon anytime soon, but I can promise, I WILL run a marathon!

In the past few months, I have stopped using Twitter and this blog because I was so incredibly embarrassed about my running, or lack there of. But, I am coming back. Twitter was the one place I could always look to for running advice and support. I am determined to find my love for running, because honestly, life is better as a runner :)