November 30, 2009


Its official, I'm back! I fractured my shin at the end of September after my 300 mile month. Doctor said no running for at least 6 weeks. Well, its been 8 weeks and I did my first run two days ago. I ran around the track and did 2.5 miles until pain in my lower shin set in. I cross trained the last two days. Today, I set out for a 4 mile run. Not going to lie, I was very nervous that my shin would start to hurt after the first mile or two. Well, one mile down, no pain, two miles down, no pain. I was so relieved. I wore my compression socks and wrapped my shin pretty tight. By mile two, my ankle was starting to hurt since my shin was wrapped so tight. I ran the last two miles with just compression socks on. I ran at a 9 minute mile pace, which is much slower than my previous paces. The 9 minute mile felt good on my shins. Running 6 minute miles is not worth it to me if I am going to hurt myself again. I need to focus on my running form, the way my foot strikes the ground and how my body feels. I know I will get back to my 6 minute mile eventually, but this time around, I want to do it with the correct form and injury free!
All in all, Life is good :) (Pictures from my run!)


  1. Great to hear you're getting back into. I know when my ITB went that it can be really frustrating waiting to lace up and get back out there but wait you have to do.

    Take it slowly but, selfishly, get out there soon as take some more great pics from the run.

  2. Yay! Take it easy! Glad that you're running again. :)

  3. Great to hear! Enjoy the comeback!

  4. I got here from someone that ran Seattle Half. I am glad you are recovering and can gradually start running again. I also am running Eugene Marathon. My firm plan will start the first week of January.

    keep running
    lizzie lee

  5. You look super happy to be back running again! It must feel great to be back going after 8 weeks! Good luck with the injury and good job taking it easy on yourself. I'm sure for a 6 minute miler, that is hard to do :)