September 19, 2009


Compression socks, compression sleeves, any thing compression, I love. I don't know how they work and I don't know why they work, but they just do. I love running and I love everything about it, minus my insane shin splints. I stretch, I have good running shoes, I take more ice baths than showers and I take Ibuprofen like its going out of style and I still have shin splints. I am heavy on my feet even when I walk. My Mom has always told me I walk like an elephant, which is true. Its like I stomp rather than walk sometimes. I don't mean to do this and most of the time I am very unaware of it. I think my shin splint stunt from the way I walk and run. Pounding my feet on the floor shoots pain throughout my shins.

A friend of mine told me about compression socks and compression sleeves. So, I went out and bought a pair of CEP compression socks and Zensah Calf Sleeves. Ask any one I know and they will tell you I wear my Zensah sleeves all the time. When going out with my Mom she always asks, "Uh, you are going to take those sleeves off before we go in the store right?" Yeah, they might not be the most attractive things in the world, but they work. I wear them with my high heels to work and I wear them when I am lounging around in the evening. Running isn't a fashion show and I am not embarrassed about my compression socks. I will do what ever I have to do to get rid of my shin splints, even if it means wearing "embarrassing" compression socks to the grocery store. Compression socks and sleeves have truely saved my shins and have kept me able to run.

So, when @inVigorators on twitter asked me if they could send me some compression socks to try out, I jumped at the offer. I didn't think I would find a product I liked as much as my Zensah's or CEP's, but I think I just did. They fit great! My problem with compression socks is sometimes the calf fits correctly, but the foot doesn't vice versa. These inVigorators! fit perfectly! Lots of compression in the foot, ankle and calf but not too much. Another issue with my Zensah sleeves is that they are so tight that they make my Achilles tendon hurt while I run with them. The inVigorators! were just tight enough to feel compression all over, but not too tight where they are causing my legs to turn blue. I really like this product and will definitely continue to use this product to assist me in my training for the Seattle Marathon. I have only ran with this product once, so I still don't know how the compression in the inVigorators! will hold up over time, but so far so good! Follow @inVigorators on twitter and also find these guys on Facebook, they're great! Thanks guys for the socks, you definitely make a good product that I look forward to training with!

22 miles complete and one happy runner! (198 of 300! YEAH BABY!)


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