September 2, 2009

Cry Baby Runner ;)

Yesterday was a rough day. Not only did I have a crumby day, I had a terrible run. My goal yesterday was to run ten miles. I had no time limit or pace set, the only thing I wanted to do was finish all ten miles. Well, I only finished seven. Although seven is better than nothing, it still wasn't my goal.

Today was just as crumby as yesterday. My goal for today was to run 13 miles. I initially was only planning on running ten today, but after the miss yesterday, I needed to makeup the 3 i didn't complete yesterday. When I left work today, I was in no mood to run, but i knew it was something I needed to do. I normally listen to country music on my way home from work, but today I decided to listen to my running music. It really helped motivate me and get me pumped up for my run. I ate a banana in the car and some peanut butter when I got home. I put on my new Nike shorts, laced up my Mizunos and hit the pavement. Run started out strong. I went a different route today, through different neighborhoods. Let me tell you, these neighborhoods were very hilly to my surprise. First 4 miles were complete hills. The hills made my shins feel really tight, so I stopped to stretch them out and loosen up. Once I started running again, my shorts began to rub on the insides of my legs. Ouch. I tried to block out the pain and keep going. I didn't run to my usual running music today, I ended up running to my sappy music. Not going to lie, I was in a bad mood today, and the past few days. So for the last 12 miles of my ran, I just cried. I ran and I cried and I cried and I ran. Free therapy session anyone? Yeah, some people may think this is weird and that I should be embarrassed, but to me, it was just what I needed. Sometimes I just need that alone time to escape. I just needed to forget about everyone else and get to the bottom of what was bothering me. I may have shed more tears than I sweat, but hey, I feel back to my normal self. My 13 mile run turned in a 16 mile run before I knew it. I came home with blood running down my legs from the scratching from my shorts and mascara down my face, but I finished my run which was all I wanted. I kept running because I knew that the moment I stopped running, I would have to face reality. I ran 16 miles and when I came home all I could think was, "DAMN I FEEL GOOD!"

Running calms me, helps me sort out the scattered thoughts in my brain. Yeah I cried while I ran today, but it doesn't make me any less of a runner. I read this quote the other day, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Wow, so true. All the tears I cry and every drop of sweat makes me a stronger person, both physically and emotionally. I kicked some tush on my run today and I feel pretty darn good about it. Its really amazing how a good run can really turn my day around.

I have said it once and I will say it again...I am so happy to be a runner.


  1. Cool post, running is wonderful for the Psyche. U described it perfectly. Thanks for the memories.

  2. you are a go getter... Nice for not giving up despite all the circumstances... I look up to you... keep it up girl...16 miles is freaking amazing!!!

  3. really, this 300miles challenge is taking my attention. I'm gonna follow your progression, your success and your fails. Yesterday was a fail day, but it was just a battle, not the war. This means that will come more crying days and more "damn, I feel really good" moments. I still have to get why you set such a high objective for a single month during a marathon training (do I remember right?). Anyhow, each runner have repaired him/sheself in the run when everyhthing around seems like a mess, and can understand why you cried and laught (it doesn't mean each runner cry in that moments...eheheh). I know I will read more post of how you did'nt get your 10miles day or how you did 30 in a single shot. This blog will be one of the addresses I will look to each days to give you my support and share running facts :) good luck Jessica

  4. My oh my, maybe I should start crying when I run. I hate it that it runed out that way but what an accomplishment to get 16 miles in despite it all!

  5. All I am thinking is bleeding and crying, you turned 13 into 16. You've got my vote. Good luck on the 300!