September 1, 2009

300 Miles Of September

Today is September 1st. It is a Tuesday. Only Tuesday and I am already beat. My mind is in the clouds today. I have had Andy Davis' "It Just Happened That Way" on repeat for over 8 hours and I never noticed. Like I said, my mind is gone, not here, busy, doesn't want to be bothered. This week has been the toughest week in a while. The drama and the stress have been at insane levels. As much as I try not to let it get to me, it has. It has been following me around like a rain cloud. Below are some of the lyrics from "It Just Happened That Way":

"It just happened that way,
no time to invest,
just pray for the best.
and you say,
it just happened that way.
We could run away,
thinking it over,
we should run away."

Somethings just happen. We have no control over the things other people do. People make their own choices and have to deal with the consequences of their own actions. I am not going to allow myself to get wrapped up in their issues. I can't solve them, therefore I should not worry about them. I will pray for the best and know things happen for a reason. But when issues and stress come up, I will run. I will run to soothe and calm my mind. I will run to remind myself that life is short and that I should cherish every moment I have.

Two days ago, I set a goal. In September, I am going to run 300 miles. Yes, that is an average of 10 miles a day. Yes, I am crazy, crazy is my middle name. Lately I have been running for speed. I would run to improve my speed and my mile time and forget about the miles. This goal is to help encourage me to slow down and just run the miles. Yes, 300 miles is a lot, but I can, and will do it!
Since today is September 1st, I thought it was appropriate to start out with a solid 10 mile run. Weather was perfect, a cloudy 60 degrees. I decided to wear my tights because I always have really good runs when I wear them. My sister wanted to come along and watch me run around the track. The first mile and a half was solid with a 7:06 pace. I finished up my second mile and stopped to take a sip of water. My sister decided to inform me that my butt looked huge in my tights and my butt was "flabbing in the wind". Awesome. Normally, when I run, I am not self conscientious. I am running to better myself, why should I care what other people think? Today was different. I was running around the track with two soccer teams and a baseball team practicing. I walked home. I changed into my new Nike shorts and headed back out, without my sister. I have worked so hard to get to a place where I don't care about what other people think about me. This was a big set back. The whole time I was running, that's all I could think about. As if my week wasn't bad enough already, my run wasn't good either. I didn't finish all ten miles, only made it to seven.

I have let the negativity in my life consume me. I will make up the 3 miles tomorrow. I will reach my goal of 300 miles. I will ice, stretch and listen to my body. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself by pushing myself too hard. So, as long as my body allows it, I will run 300 miles this month. I have had a rough couple of days but I will not let the negativity win. Like I said before, negativity is just a road block getting in the way of my goals.


  1. I love your positivisme...Stay Strong!!! You can do it!!!

  2. I'm proud of your determination and grit! You can do this, don't worry about what people say. If you can run 10 miles at one time, who cares about what other people think? You ROCK!

  3. you can do it girl! go for it! i have no doubt in my mind you will knock it down!