August 16, 2009

Soy Milk vs. Creamer

I have talked a lot about my struggle with Vanilla creamer in my coffee. I am very convinced that my problem with creamer is holding me back from my running goals and my lifestyle makeover. I have tried Half and Half, Splenda, honey and pure vanilla extract. So, I went to the store and bought Silk light Vanilla Soy Milk. I like this in my coffee, but its not sweet at all. I am wondering if I bought the regular Silk Vanilla Soy Milk if it would have a little more taste. I think i will finish this carton of soy milk and maybe try a different brand of vanilla soy milk to see what I like.

I think the soy milk is a great alternative for my coffee creamer. A whole cup of this soy milk is 80 calories, where as the creamer was 45 calories for a tablespoon. The soy milk has lots of fiber and tons of protein. I am definitely going to have to train myself to like the soy milk rather than the creamer. If anyone knows about good, sweet tasting vanilla soy, I would love to hear about it.

Also, I am loving the Chia seeds. I am eating 300 to 500 calories fewer everyday since I have started eating the Chia seeds. I don't feel the need to munch between meals and I feel a lot fuller faster. I would definitely recommend these seeds! They are great!


  1. I definitely switched from regular milk to Vanilla Silk for my cereal and what not... you may want to try the regular instead of the light... I have tried the Trader Joe's brand, but the Silk definitely has the most flavor... good luck getting the creamer thing under control... I was blessed to have burned my tongue on a cup of coffee when I was 14 and haven't touched the stuff since :-)

  2. This is a really nice blog! I found this post from a Google search on the very same topic. I realized how fast I go through a large container of french vanilla coffee creamer. I thought I'd try something healthier, so I just bought the Light Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. It's definitely different from the creamer, but I'm going to try and give it a chance.

  3. all this statistics gathering and analysis is just bogus... you will have soy today and tomorrow some other research will show something else is wrong with soy ... and cycle continues... just have something you like and enjoy it... dont over do it... and allow your body to feel whats good for you.. use common sense... are you creating fat cause you are having that extra creamer when you know you should not??? listen to your body more and not outside statistics people come with..