August 6, 2009

Road ID

I began running as a treadmill runner. I love running outside, there is something about running with my hair flowing in the wind and my feet on the pavement. But to be honest, I have always had a fear of the road. It would be so easy for a car to pull up and snatch me away or better yet, get hit by a car. As much as I would like to think we live in a safe world, we don't. I don't want to be a naive runner. When I run outside, I try not to run the same path everyday, I try to run when it is well lit and where there are sidewalks. I run with bright colors and with my mace in my hand. Although my mace makes me feel a little safer when I run, it still doesn't eliminate my fear of the road. I normally run with my mace in one hand, my cell in the other hand, and my ipod on my arm. I am not going to lie, I really hate running with my hands full, but it is a sacrifice I make for my safety.

Today, as I was reading a fellow blogger's blog, I stumbled upon a picture of her "Road ID". It is just a cute little bracelet that you wear on your runs and it has contact information on it. Although this Road ID isn't going to save me from being hit by a driver or being snatched on my run, it will help me feel a little bit better about running outdoors. You can order them from I am definitely going to order myself an ID. They are only 20 dollars and they could really help save your life. Such a great investment. They also come in many cute colors too!

I would really like to hear from other runners about what you do to stay safe when running. Please leave comments! :)


  1. I have two road IDs that attach to my shoes. I was hit by a car on my bike and was wearing the ID. My sister was riding with me so they didn't have to look at the ID. Glad I had one though. I didn't even know my age or where I was.

  2. I haven't gotten an ID yet, but I need to. I don't run the same route either, but I usually don't run during daylight hours. Right now, it's too hot, and I usually run when my kids are asleep.'s usually dark. I have the little red flashing lights that I wear, I run against traffic, and I run on streets that are well lit.

    You are better than me...I don't carry a cell phone or mace. Maybe I should, but I hate carrying anything...even water! :-( I definitely need to get the road ID.

    I'm with you, the road better than the treadmill, and I discovered last weekend, I love the trails more than the road! :-)

  3. Hi, I don't know what it's like to run in fear, but it's sad that a few twisted individuals out there create fear in others.

    I would recommend not having music in both ears. Let an ear bud dangle so you can hear traffic and other important surrounding noise.

    Group runs are a good way to remain safe too, although I must admit, I prefer to run alone.

    To free up the hands, maybe strap a large blade to your back! That would scare off a lot of people... (:)P


  4. It will be the best $20 bucks or less that you will spend on your running. I often run during the wee hours of the morning, and besides a reflective vest, I always have on my Road ID. Smart move. Check around thought, you can usually find a coupon for a couple of bucks off

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  6. Funny you mention that. It's been a concern of mine as well. I'm more in fear of getting hit by a car. Unfortunately in Austin it seems to happen often! Last week I did my first outdoor run without a cell phone. I know, it's bad. I just hate running with my hands full. Not only that, but I didn't have an ID. Only my car keys. There was a point during my 104 degree run where I realized just how unsafe that was. What if I passed out from the heat? I agree, the road ID is a must for outdoor runners. I keep talking about it, thinking about it, I just need to buy it!

    To stay safe? I always let my bf know where I'm running (my exact route), when I'm running, and approximately how long I'm running. He knows that if I don't text or call him within 20 minutes or so of my estimated time that something has gone wrong. In that case (which I hope never happens) he would then drive the route of my run in case I didn't get injured.