August 4, 2009

Have You Done A Good Deed Today?

This has nothing to do with running, but since its my blog, I can post what ever I want :) haha. So I was down at the DOL this morning getting my big girl license. I ran to Starbucks to get my coffee (Its not Friday, but it IS my birthday) to treat myself. I was at the DOL an hour early because I really didn't want to sit in the DOL for 5 million hours. So, while I was standing in line outside the door I realized (10 mins before they open) I didn't have any cash on me. Awesome. Lost my spot in line after an hour waiting. Ran to Safeway. Bought a magazine to get cash back. (People magazine if you were wondering, can't wait to read it later!) Got in my car and drove like a mad woman back to the DOL. When I pulled up, I noticed the line was no longer 20 people long, it was wrapped around the entire building. So, me and my 25 dollars cash walked to the back of the line. In no way was I going to go cut and ask if I could have my spot back. 2 minutes later, the kind old man I was standing in line earlier walks around the building and tells me I can have my spot back.

It is little things like this that really make my day. Why can't everyone be so kind? He could have easily just stood there and be one spot ahead in line. It is the little things in life that really make my day. He really didn't have to do that for me, but I am very thankful that he did. It makes me want to go one step further everyday to do something nice for someone else. It takes one second out of my life, but it might make someone else's day. Why can't we all make little sacrifices here and there for other people? You should never do nice things for other people expecting a payback or a pat on the back. Do it just to be nice, to make someone else's day. I am going to try to make a bigger effort everyday to do more selfless acts for other people. Make the world a better place one good deed at a time.

OCD UPDATE: This week has been ground breaking for me, and its only Tuesday!! I have not blocked my door at night with a crate. I have not checked under the bed or in the closet. I have not worried about the lid on my chap stick. I have allowed the clothes in my closet to remain unorganized. I have not worried about which way the things in my room are organized before bed. I feel very good, very free and most of all, very happy. I am so proud of my progress in the past year, just goes to show, I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.
Thanks for all of the support everyone. You have no idea how much it means to me. I love reading peoples comments and thoughts. Very appreciative and very thankful! :)


  1. Hurrah with candles and a birthday hat on! Long may the good karma continue :-)

  2. oh ya! so glad someone did something kind for you today. its a great day when that happens. and it actually happens alot.

    i'm a first time visitor on your blog but i'll be back fo sho!

  3. Hi,
    i have been visiting your blog more often, i really enjoy reading your thoughts. Your sound so enthousiastic and you make me feel going on a run:) Thank you for the great attitude and i believe good things happen to good people. Today it was your day and you deserved to be treated in a kind way. Enjoy it...Happy Birthday!!!