August 17, 2009

Day 3 Off the Poison

Today is Day 3 off of my International Delight Vanilla Poison Creamer. I am not going to lie and say my new soy milk tastes super fantastic. I miss my creamer, a lot. Do you see the picture? When I (used to) pore my creamer into my coffee, this used to happen. The world lit up with stars and ice cream cones and whip cream would sit on clouds. Well, not really, but it really comforted me in the mornings. I used to light up when I pored my creamer because it was so good! Once I realized that my creamer intake was almost 25 percent of my daily calories, I knew I needed to make a change. Since I don't care for the vanilla soy milk as much as my creamer, I have been drinking about half the amount I normally drink. I used to just drink coffee to drink coffee. I loved the taste of my coffee. Now, I don't crave my coffee as much as I used to.

The way I look at it is, I am doing something good for my body, that is a reward in itself. Running has taught me to take care of my body. I only have one body and if I don't take care of it, I am not going to be able to run in the future. Everything I consume will have a direct effect on my body. Whether it be fueling my muscles or adding to my love handles. My runs are directly linked to what I fuel my body with. I can't eat a greasy cheeseburger and then hit the pavement for a run because my body will not move as fast. Eating a piece of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter and a banana is better for my body and is better for my run.

Once I became a 'runner', I stopped thinking about what I was 'craving' and started thinking about what would be good for my run later. I never understood when people said they 'eat, sleep and breathe running." How do you eat running? Well, now I understand. Every time I eat, I think twice about how it will affect my run later in the evening. I don't eat to eat, I eat to fuel. What does creamer do for me. It certainly doesn't fuel me or fill me. It brings me comfort in the mornings, but that's about it. "Comfort in the mornings' certainly isn't going to help me run faster in the evening.

Sorry creamer, aka poison, I no longer need you :)


  1. Amazing will power! I need a big dose of it to kick my Diet Coke habit! I tried after @alitherunner said she was doing it but quickly fell off the wagon...after reading your post, I'm feeling motivated to try again! Ugh! It's so hard! Way to go! 3 days and counting! Keep it up! :-)

  2. Hi,
    I am glad you are loving your soy milk.Maybe every once a while you ca treat yourself to a creamer. When i was living in the states i used to buy Sugar free vanilla creamer by coffee mate. You have 2 kinds Sugar free and fat free and the sugar free has less calories then the fat free...I hope you are not confused...:)

    Great will power keep it up.

  3. Great job!! That stuff is so good, it's bad! I moved here 5 yrs ago and took up drinking Skinny Vanilla's once a day. Starbucks on every corner can't be helped... no wonder I gained weight! Got off that kick a year ago because my stomach hates milk. I hope your urge to have it will be gone soon.

  4. No chance you'll ever go black? I started drinking coffee as cappucino with lots of milk & sugar. Then to regular coffee with lots of cream & sugar once the cappucino machine becaue unavailable. I realized that the amount of cream & sugar I was adding was worse than drinking a can of coke. So I made it my mission to slowly cut down on the cream, then on the sugar. Now I'm at no cream (or milk), and just a pinch of sugar. Can't go black yet, but I'm oh-so very close.

  5. Hey thanks for posting this, it is just what I needed and you're right near me (I'm in North Bend Washington, it's a small world:) I appreciate this info because I KNOW I have to break my int'l hazelnut addiction....sounds so silly, but I have quit so many other unhealthy eating habits but this one is tough!
    Tonight I surfed "int'l creamer poison" and found your post. It helped and inspired me to run too!!

    have a great week, keep it up