August 25, 2009

Awkward, Yet Hot, Tan Lines

Tan lines. I love them. Every summer I like to lay out in my bikini and tan. I can tell how tan I get based on my tan lines. Bigger the lines, better the tan. This summer has been different. I don't have a bikini tan line this summer. I am proud to say, my tan lines are of my racer back tank, my Zensah calf sleeves and my iPod arm band. Some tell me my tan lines are embarrassing and I really should cover them up. To me, they are hot. I worked hard for those tan lines. I ran in the heat, I ran in the sunshine, but best of all, I ran. I didn't spend my time laying around eating bon bons this summer because I was too busy training. My tan lines might be 'embarrassing' and not very attractive, but man, I worked hard for them and couldn't be more proud.

I tweeted about this yesterday, and the response I got was huge. Us runners, we earned these tan lines. They are a constant reminder of all the hard work that went into training. They remind us that we are strong individuals. No matter how busy and hectic life is, we all were a bit selfish and took the time for ourselves to get outside and just run. Runners have to be selfish. We have to step back and really focus on ourselves and on our bodies.

Us runners, we may have 'embarrassing' tan lines from running, but let me just say...we all have rockin' hot healthy bodies to show for it :)


  1. Awesome tan line! I have a ridiculous tan line from wearing the same muscle shirt on all my long runs.

  2. Those are really intense tan lines in the picture! I used to have a watch tan line. I don't really have any now since i run at night. But yeah, it takes a lot of long, and hard runs under the sun to get those tan lines. You really do earn them!