July 17, 2009

Setting My Fears Aside

So, today is a big day for me. This may sound incredibly strange, but, I am going to eat my first banana in several years today. I have have a very large phobia of tarantulas. When I say large, I mean very very large. When my grandma found out about this phobia, she thought it would be good to talk about them and expose me to them. She gave me many facts about them and told me I should not worry about them because they are harmless. She decided to tell me a story about when she used to work in the produce department at the local grocery store. She told me that every time they got a shipment of bananas there would be tarantulas crawling all over the bananas. From that moment on, I have never touched a banana. I was mortified that I had been touching something that a tarantula had once touched. I work at a coffee shop on the side and we sell bananas. I stay as far away from the bananas as possible. But today is the day I am going to put this fear to rest. Fearing something so harmless is ridiculous. I have wasted too much of my life in fear, and it stops today. So I am about to eat my first banana. I know this sounds stupid, but this is a very big day for me.


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