July 16, 2009

My Newest Obsession

I used to always hate running outside because I felt like there was no way to track my distance. Unless I ran the same course everyday, I never knew if I was improving. I recently bought a new Ipod because my old one broke. I decided to go with the ipod touch. A guy at the apple store introduced me to the Nike+. The Nike+ is a tiny chip (about an inch big) that goes in your shoe and its only 20 bucks!! I was a little skeptical about it at first, but I am completely in love with it now. I can customize my workouts with the Nike+, whether I am doing a timed workout, or running for distance. It keeps track of all of my workouts and shows how far I went, my pace and how many calories I burned. I have ran with the Nike+ on the treadmill and it seems to be pretty accurate, +/- .1 miles or so. Although I recently traded in my Nike's for Mizuno's, I purchased a pouch for the Nike+ insert and it laces in with my shoelaces. Its nice to know that I don't have to stick with Nike's to use this insert. This is such a great tool and for only 20 bucks, how can you go wrong?


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