July 21, 2009

My Coffee Addiction

If you know me, then you know I love coffee. I would drink it all day everyday if my stomach allowed it. I love the atmosphere of a coffee shop. I enjoy meeting up with friends for a cup of coffee, studying there and simply just reading a good book with a good cup of coffee. It is very easy to drink mass amounts of coffee when staying up late studying for an exam and getting up early for work or classes. This lifestyle makeover has made me very conscientious of everything i put in my body. Its OK to consume small quantities of coffee, but 5-10 cups is a little overboard.

Since my makeover has begun, I have been drinking two cups of black coffee a day and have been working on switching from Creamer to Half and Half (Thanks Michelle!) Sometimes more, sometimes less. Although Lattes do have dairy in them, they also have sugary syrups in them. If I order a latte it is normally a sugar free non-fat latte. Not only are lattes and other coffee drinks not good for you, they are also freakin' expensive! 4 dollars on a coffee drink is too much when I can make drip coffee at home for a lot less. I think it is OK to treat myself to a latte every once in a while, but I think I am going to save my Starbucks trips for when I meet up with friends or want to relax, rather than picking up a latte everyday on my way to work.

Also, today was Starbucks' 'Free Pastry Day'. I will admit, I was planning on participating in this 'free pastry day' and I am proud to say, I drove right past the Starbucks today, and didn't stop for a pastry. I have worked way to hard to eat a pastry this morning. I know it is alright to treat myself every now and then. But i think this treat was unnecessary. I am very proud that I was able to resist this temptation and drive right past it. My workouts have been outstanding since I began this lifestyle makeover, I really want to continue on this path and I think a pastry would have really thrown me off this early in the game.


  1. I too have made a lifestyle makeover! Congrats, keep up the good work!

    Coffee (Starbucks in particular) is one of my vices! I'm not addicted (anymore) but I do love them so much! Iced grande skinny vanilla latte is my drink of choice! :)