July 18, 2009

Going Out To Eat

Day 3 of the makeover has been the toughest day yet. Went out with the family and some friends to a local street fair today. Everyone decided to go to Mexican food for lunch. As we all know, Mexican food isn't the healthiest food in the world. I cannot expect everyone to change their plans because I want to eat healthy. Trying to find something healthy on the menu was nearly impossible. There are no whole wheat or low fat options. I ended up ordering a chicken taco (who knows how healthy that was!). Although I think (not sure) it was probably healthier than an enchilada or a burrito, it still was still dripping in grease. Eating out makes it every difficult to stick with my lifestyle makeover. When I see everyone else ordering tons of delicious food, and I am stuck with a side order taco, its very hard not to indulge. Last week, all of us in the office went out to a pizza place for lunch. As much as I wanted to order pizza with the rest of them, I ordered a chinese salad. It was a good salad, but I bet the pizza would have tasted way better. I am very proud that I was able to turn down the enchilada and the pizza, I just cross my fingers that I can keep this up. I just have to keep thinking that this will pay off in the end and will be well worth it.

Although I feel like I don't eat out a whole lot, I eat out more than I should whether it is to catch up with old friends or going out to lunch with co-workers. Going out to eat is a good way to socialize and catch up with people, so it is not something I want to totally eliminate from my new lifestyle. I need to maintain my motivation and not give in to all of the delicious temptations!

I had another incredible workout this morning. I started out on the bike doing 1:50 minute miles. I ended up biking 20 miles, running 3 miles and then swimming for 30 minutes. The biking and the running went well, but my swimming definitely needs work. There are a lot of really good swimmers at the pool I go to. I feel so uncomfortable swimming next to them because I am a beginner swimmer. I get so distracted watching them, and feel like they will almost judge me for being a bad swimmer (which I know they won't). My goal is to keep with the swimming and continuing practicing everyday. Like they say, practice makes perfect :)


  1. Mallorie DaviesSunday, July 19, 2009

    I've read that part of lifestyle changes is learning that once in a blue moon it is okay to let yourself induldge. If you continuiously deny your body something that you are craving then eventually you will probably end up binging on something. I have found that this works... Every two weeks I allow myself one meal to "enduldge." If I want pizza I'll get a thin crust, light on cheese pizza. Most thin crusts are made with whole wheat, sauces are actually really good for you because most of them are just tomato paste and herbs, and cheese is good for you as well. Blot off some of the greese and your perfect! Not only are you having a somewhat healthy meal but your also fulfilling some of that "thing" that you are craving, thus helping to resist that urge to just eat the whole thing :) I'm envious of the fact that you like to run, and I hope that your training continues to go well. I just started training for the STP so your definitely motiving me! Keep it up!