July 17, 2009

Day 2 of My 'Lifestyle Makeover'

Today's goal was to run 6 miles and swim one mile. Once I hit 6 miles I was feeling so good. Normally, I really have to push myself to meet my daily goal. Today was different, that 6 mile goal turned into a 12 mile run. My body feels so good. I was listening to T.I.'s 'Motivation' and it truly put me in a zone. Once I got started, I truly couldn't stop! I ran 12 miles at a 7:21 pace. :)

I have eaten healthy all day long and have resisted the temptation of over eating. If this is how I feel on day 2 of my 'lifestyle makeover', I cannot wait to see how good I feel on day 20, 40...and the rest of my life! It really gets me thinking, why didn't I start this sooner, why did I put this off so long?


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