July 15, 2009

Compression Socks

I have been experiencing the most excruciating shin splints lately. Rest is the best thing to do for shin splints, but taking off a whole week of running really slows down my training. I was told my shin splints were probably a result of my shoes. So I traded in my Nike's for a pair of Mizunos. The new shoes helped, but I was still having shin splints. After trying everything, a friend on Twitter mentioned compression socks. I bought a pair of CEP compression socks and they are amazing! My CEP's paired with some Ibuprofen cured my shin splints. On days when I can feel shin splints coming on, I wear my compression socks while I run and then take them off about a half hour after my run. My shins feel 100% better!

Although these compression socks have worked wonders for me, I have also learned the importance of cross-training. Running is so hard on the body's joints, so it is good to pair running with other types of exercise. Along with running, I have started to swim and bike. Swimming is very easy on the body and is very good for the heart and lungs. Cross-training is very important and helps prevent injury.


  1. I bought these at the Seattle RnR expo. I love them.

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